Terms of Reference: Media Production Agency / Videographer(s)

Deadline 15 November 2021
Location Tunisia
Period of Assignment November 2021 – March 2022

We are looking to hire a media production agency or videographer (s) to produce four multi-channel videos. The media production agency/videographer (s) will be critical at all stages of the videos development lifecycle, including revision and finalization of initial production briefs, right through to technical build and deployment of video campaigns.

To be successful, the media production agency or videographer(s) must have strong experience, particularly in the Tunisian context and campaigners of religious and community leaders with a keen interest in data, including hyper-segmentation and audience targeting. To be successful in this role, you must be a go-getter capable of diagnosing issues via the visualization and analysis of data. Whilst the role is predominantly functional; the candidate must be able to understand technical processes to include Adobe Suite design and video editing skills and have the ability to translate requirements into fully developed technical products.


  1. Produce four videos (scriptwriting, interviews, videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling, format exporting, archiving raw and edited work etc.). All videos produced must be of the highest quality to adequately represent the organization. The optimal standards are: 1080 25p/1080 29.97p or 30p. All material should be shot in 16:9, HD 1080 4K, or any recent video format use by the professional videographers;
  2. One of the four videos must be a 2D animation;
  3. Use their own HD quality video camera and professional editing software;
  4. Edit the footage in line with the scenario approved by the Hedayah focal person and produce a professional quality package;
  5. Record and edit narration/ voice-over where needed in accordance with guidance from relevant key stakeholders;
  6. Develop digital content for social media in collaboration with the Hedayah team;
  7. Embed subtitles in the video as per need;
  8. Audio balance the final product and convert it into formats for use on TV, radio, web, social media;
  9. Archive the edited output in an external hard disk along with a professional log;
  10. Use specific professional tools and cameras for photo documentation that will successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage. The coverage will include different visual perspectives (close-up, medium-range, long-distance), with a preference for portrait framing, as noted. Photos will be technically good (properly exposed, framed, focused, and edits well optimized);
  11. Embed complete caption information and other metadata in the files, as described

Deliverables & Delivery Dates

Duration: 45 days from the placement of the order date

Target deadline for deliverable: March 2022


Production of four videos with various types of durations ranging from 2min to 5 min. The production will involve, but will not be limited to:

  1. Creation of the general concept of the videos;
  2. Development of the detailed scenarios of the videos;
  3. Coordination and approval of the scenarios with Hedayah;
  4. Video production (types of content: mini-documentary, short journalistic reports, short human-interest video stories, Animated video, etc.)
  5. Arabic/English voice titration or subtitles – on an as-needed basis;
  6. Post-production (assembly, sound, processing, etc.);
  7. Delivery of the final video in different formats (for TV, Radio, Web, Social Media…etc.)

Reporting requirements

The service provider will report to the Hedayah team, which will regularly communicate with the service provider and provide feedback and guidance on their performance and all other necessary support so as to achieve objectives of the assignment, as well as remain aware of any upcoming issues related to service provider’s performance and quality of work. All activities and deliverables undertaken by the service provider will be discussed and planned in consultation with Hedayah.

Qualifications & Experience

The service provider is expected to possess the following qualifications:

  1. At least five years of experience in videography/video editing, the experience of editing using professional tools;
  2. Demonstrate experience of conception, production, and editing of mini video documentaries and animated videos;
  3. Experience in covering social, humanitarian, and development subjects will be an asset,
  4. Experience with Tunisian public institutions and INGOs will be an asset; and
  5. Knowledge of ethical standards in reporting on issues related to Violent Extremism will be an asset.

Technical & Financial Proposal

Interested service providers are requested to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal, with a description of their experience and a portfolio of previous works.

Technical Proposal:

The Technical Proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Short profile, including CV, diploma of videography-related studies, references;
  2. Detailed individual portfolio (web links to produced videos) showcasing a range of work (i.e. PSAs, interviews, documentaries, etc.);
  3. Demonstrated experience in videography on social issues; and
  4. Production capabilities: quality video production, including related hardware and editing software.

Financial Proposal:

The Financial Proposal shall specify an all-inclusive fee per video product, which should include filming charges, transportation expenses to Tunis, Kairouan, and Djerba, postproduction, as well as crediting, subtitling, and voiceover. The Financial Proposal should be in local currency (TND), as per the description below:

  1. Video 30 – 60 sec
  2. Video 60 – 120 sec
  3. Video 120-180 sec
  4. Video 2 -5 min

The final selection will be based on the principle of “best value for money” i.e. achieving the desired outcome at the lowest possible fee.